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MINI MOVIE REVIEW: Terminator Salvation

The new movie “Terminator Salvation” picks up where it left off from the 2003 film “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” – the machines have taken over the earth (or have they?), and a band of human resisters, led by … Continue reading

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The Not So Great Debaters

My daughter is on her middle school debate team, and I am a certified middle school debate judge. After much thought, I think that I may have gone too far in judging a recent debate tournament, or did I? The … Continue reading

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Have A Happy Period?

To the folks who came up with the slogan, “Have a Happy Period” for feminine products – uh, is this a joke or what?  Periods are not happy nor do they make us smile! And they surely don’t make us … Continue reading

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Mini-Movers Stay off the Road

I realize that the economy is bad and that gas is still a bit high for some, but people, please stop using your compact cars like moving trucks. It’s dangerous. I was driving down the freeway the other day when … Continue reading

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Hurricane Katrina Rant

Recently, I took my daughter to a birthday party at a laser tag facility, and I planned on having a nice time, I really did.  But, wouldn’t you know it someone had to spoil it by bringing up New Orleans.  … Continue reading

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