Have A Happy Period?

To the folks who came up with the slogan, “Have a Happy Period” for feminine products – uh, is this a joke or what?  Periods are not happy nor do they make us smile! And they surely don’t make us want to turn into superheroes or get on a rollercoaster – as some commercials would have you believe.  We are mad, mad, mad!

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3 Responses to Have A Happy Period?

  1. BeDubya says:

    Happy? Puh-leeze.
    Advertising copy surely written by a man.

    I no longer suffer monthly drama. I wish I’d known sooner how truly liberating it could be.

    And the savings! ‘Period gear & painkillers’ cost big bucks.

    I’m happy NOW.

  2. RealCaliRN says:

    Your period lets you know that your body is functioning properly as God designed it. Give more respect to a happy period!

  3. HAVALAH says:

    I don’t get happy with my periods. Can I sue for this and get some kind of compensation?

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