MINI MOVIE REVIEW: Terminator Salvation

The new movie “Terminator Salvation” picks up where it left off from the 2003 film “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” – the machines have taken over the earth (or have they?), and a band of human resisters, led by John Connor (Christian Bale), try to stop them, or is it too late?  Though the movie can be confusing in the beginning, it eventually picks up with some nice drama and action, especially when part-cyborg/part-human character Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) meets Connor and he discovers that Marcus may be the key to saving the human race.  Bale is wonderful and strong in the role as John Connor, while Worthington meets him at every beat.  Other highlights include, Moon Bloodgood as a kick-ass, tough-as-nails, looking-for-love-resister, action sequences that won’t stop, and great sound that might give you an earache.  The lowlights, rapper Common is wasted in his role, and there’s a cute little black girl in the film, who doesn’t speak.  I must warn you that this film is a hard PG-13 rating, so, no little tykes.

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