“Rachel Getting Married’s” Colorful Twist

I finally watched “Rachel Getting Married” on DVD the other night, starring Anne Hathaway, who received an Oscar nomination for her lead role in the film last year.  Now, I didn’t get the memo that it had a very nice black presence.  Anne actually stars as Kym, who gets out of rehab just in time to wreak havoc on her sister Rachel’s wedding.  Rachel is marrying a black man – who knew?  Kym and Rachel’s stepmother is played by Ana Deveare Smith, who is also black -who knew?  There were also sprinklings of  Asian Americans and others just having a grand ole time.  While watching the film, I did some quick research by reading various user reviews on a popular movie website and many were complaining that such a diverse atmosphere in Connecticut  (where it was set) is highly unlikely.  Some said that the film was purposely trying to be politically correct.  It really bothers me when people say that.  If we see people of different races and backgrounds getting together, why can’t we celebrate that?  Isn’t it a good thing. Does it happen all the time? Maybe not! But, if it happens sometimes then isn’t that a good thing?  It should be a good thing.  It is a good thing. The more we say it’s impossible the less likely it will become the norm!

Now as for the actual film, as I mentioned earlier, Anne’s performance was much ballyhooed but the film in itself was not.  It has been criticized for having a bad script, a slow pace, having a film student feel and shoddy camera work.  Well, in my humble opinion, the film was just okay.  It’s more of a character study that people will either take to or not.  And, it was good to see Anne transform herself from “Princess Diaries” fame, to “Devil Wears Prada’s” passive aggressive victim to a messed up addict trying to get a grip on life.

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One Response to “Rachel Getting Married’s” Colorful Twist

  1. Karen says:

    One of my favorite films! I like everything about it.

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