New Orleans Native’s Head May Roll In Crasher-gate Scandal

Desiree Rogers’ days may be numbered as President Obama’s Social Secretary.  Apparently, not only is the Secret Service taking heat for the Salahis’ crashing of last week’s White House Dinner, folks are also pointing fingers at the New Orleans native.

According to several reports, the Social Secretary’s office is supposed to be the keeper of all lists pertaining to invited guests at White House social events. So, checking lists and checking them twice to ensure that everyone on the list meets security requirements to enter the White House is top priority. The job also entails that at such events, the Social Secretary and/or her staff is to work the main entrance along with the Secret Service to once again ensure that those wanting in actually belong there.  Secret Service and staff should also have a list on hand just in case something goes awry.

Well, Rogers allegedly did not follow that protocol. While it’s not clear where the copies of the list actually were, apparently, Ms. Thang (known for her super-socialite status in Chicago) admitted to the Associated Press that no one from her staff was at a security checkpoint.  And, she was seen walking around the event as if she was one of the invited guests (just google her to see the photos).    

I have to admit that when I first heard rumblings of this whole Crasher-gate scandal being the fault of Rogers I was miffed.  Really, this is the President of the United States…of the free world – so, why would a staffer be responsible for checking in guests with all of the security around? Well, with some research on this matter, it looks like my partial namesake has some explaining to do.

In the April 30, 2009 issue of WSJ, the Wall Street Journal’s magazine, the Harvard MBA graduate touted how she wanted to “brand” the new administration by using the White House as its “crown jewel.”  Then she put her foot in her mouth by asserting, “You have to think about it [my job], in my mind, almost like a business. Otherwise, you never get there. You get caught in linen hell and flower hell, list hell.” Oops! 

Well, it looks like Rogers’, “laissez les bons temps rouler” (let the good times roll) attitude isn’t hitting it in D.C.  I wish her luck at the upcoming hearing!

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One Response to New Orleans Native’s Head May Roll In Crasher-gate Scandal

  1. Karen says:

    The White House Crasher story is unbelievable. It’s sad to think that some indie rock concerts have better security than the White House.

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