One of our favorite romantic-comedy stars, Sandra Bullock, is back in “The Proposal.” Bullock stars as an uptight, super-bitchy Manhattan book editor, who is about to be deported (she plays a Canadian). In order to stop being thrown out the country, Bullock’s character forces her unsuspecting assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to announce that they are engaged. He agrees but several conditions have to be met to seal the deal – such as visiting his family in Alaska and convincing them that they are a real couple. While I love Bullock, this movie is quite predictable, too talky, and loooonnnnng. Indeed, Betty White lights up the screen as the assistant’s grandmother, but she can’t save this boring excuse for a romantic-comedy. Take a pass on this one!

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2 Responses to MINI MOVIE REVIEW: The Proposal

  1. Denis Bisson says:

    Bah… Come on… It was not “boring”. It won’t won an oscar and no one will die of laughing watching this movie but with without hurting anyone, we cannot write it’s “boring”.

    Story progress continously, there is no long momet without activity, it was nice. It’s true that a few parts of the movie looks like other past movies but it’s the same thing for many movies. If we would wait to see movie that re-invent the wheel every time, we would not see a lot of movie in a year!

    I liked to see Sandra in this movie. Not only she was elegant but she was as best as Julia Robert would be in this type of movie.

    A small running gag I also liked is this movie is the character Ramon who appear from place to place in the movie as server, sexy dancer, clerk in store and finally as the preatcher! I would have like to see it at the end of the movie working as an assistant in their office in New York! It would have been funny to see it one last time!

    Anyway, I liked the movie and would recommend it to others.

  2. Bowler says:

    the Proposal made me want to move to Alaska, the scenery was fabulous

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